The Quiet Millionaire
The Quiet Millionaire

The Quiet Millionaire

Dudes and dudettes on the internet (ie YouTube) preach about how to make $40,000 a month – and I know in the right market it is possible, and I’ve seen some amazing examples.

Last Updated: April, 2024

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It’s not about the flash and dazzle bubble, or the sleepless nights glued to a screen. It’s about building something sustainable that allows you to take that dream vacation, spend time with loved ones, and even catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Flash and Dazzle?

I read an article on Medium the other day by Tim Denning that made me reflect and get my bearings on true north again. The following is a snapshot of that article with my own nuances and reflections. So thanks Tim for such a timely and succinct article.

Rich People

Rich people tend to be too loud—not all, but many do.

Perhaps that is a too provocative statement—too generalised? But I think you get the idea. Hear me out…

In the theater of life, wealth often takes center stage, its possessors wielding a megaphone that amplifies their voices above the rest. It’s not universally true, of course; there are plenty of affluent individuals who tread softly, their opulence whispering rather than shouting. Yet, it’s hard to ignore the cacophony created by a significant number who seem to equate financial abundance with a license to amplify their presence, their opinions, and their desires.

This isn’t a diatribe against the wealthy; it’s an observation of a phenomenon that transcends mere bank balances and delves into the realm of social dynamics. Money, in many ways, is power—and power has a way of making itself heard, whether we like it or not.

What of Fame?

I’ve always been attracted to introverts and those who go about their business quietly, especially when it comes to money. I am very happy to be the “quiet millionaire” if it ever happens—and I am sure you would too!

Honestly, I’m not too interested in fame, being an influencer, making $300m a year, taking viral selfies, making it onto some rich list, driving a Lambo, disrupting an industry, meeting Mark Zuckerberg for coffee and and a game of pool (of course, if he wants to I’m fine with it), or building a spaceship (although spaceships are also kinda cool, eh Elon).

Dudes and dudettes on the great interweb of everything (i.e. YouTube) preach about how to make $30,000 a month – and I know in the right market it is possible, and I’ve seen some amazing examples.

Hustle Culture

Hustle culture is rampant, but it can almost be deceptive if we are not careful.

In a world that often equates visibility with validity, those with the means may feel compelled to make their presence known, to ensure that they are not just seen but also heard. It’s as if the volume of their voice is directly proportional to their net worth, each decibel a testament to their success. They speak not just to communicate, but to command attention, to dominate conversations, and to steer narratives in directions that serve their interests.

Newsletters—those digital missives that promise enlightenment, entertainment, or the elusive secrets to success. Against my better judgment, I’ve clicked that “Subscribe” button more times than I care to admit, lured by the tantalizing prospect of curated wisdom delivered straight to my inbox.

I’ve treasured some and still read them today, but 75% end up going the way of the dodo on our small pale blue dot in space. What often begins as a hopeful act of intellectual curiosity soon devolves into a tedious chore of sifting through hyperbole and hype. So, as I purge my inbox, I’m reminded of the importance of quality over quantity, of signal over noise. Every inbox needs a good hose down occasionally.

Flip The Script: The Quiet Millionaire

Yeah, hustle culture is buzzing everywhere, and sure, it’s totally doable in the right niche. But let’s flip the script for a second.

Imagine being a ‘quiet millionaire,’ someone who’s not just stacking bills but also living a life rich in experiences, one of beauty and contentment in any and every circumstance.

Imagine you’ve mastered the art of prospering without the panic, of succeeding without the stress. Your life is not a relentless sprint towards some ever-receding finish line; it’s a leisurely stroll through a landscape of opportunities, each one more inviting than the last.

We can dream, can’t we?

It’s the subtle satisfaction of knowing that your success doesn’t come at the expense of your well-being (or others), but enhances it (and them). You’re not just rich in the bank; you’re rich in the soul.

Instead of grinding 24/7, picture yourself working smarter, not harder, and still watching your bank account grow. You’ve sidestepped the pitfalls of anger and stress, those twin thieves that rob us of our joy and our health. You’ve learned the true measure of wealth.

It’s not about the flash and dazzle bubble, or the sleepless nights glued to a screen. It’s about building something sustainable that allows you to take that dream vacation, spend time with loved ones, and even catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read.

So, while the world hustles loudly, you’re growing your empire quietly and living a life that’s not just wealthy, but also well-rounded—body, soul, and spirit. The ultimate luxury is not an extravagant lifestyle, but an enriched life.

How’s that for a plot twist?


The Quiet

The Quiet Millionaire

Stop Overthinking

“There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.”Susan Cain (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking)

The Tyranny of Burnout

I’ve no problem with prosperity and wealth creation, in fact they are essential for life on the planet—just when prosperity and wealth creation consume a life instead of creating a life.

Imagine you’re free from the tyranny of burnout, that modern-day malaise that afflicts so many who chase success at the cost of their sanity. You’ve understood that life is not a zero-sum game, that you don’t have to lose yourself to gain the world (as a wise man once said two thousand years ago).

In a world that often equates noise with importance and flash with substance, you’re a study in contrast.

You’re the soft glow of a candle in a room ablaze with neon lights, the gentle murmur of a stream in a forest filled with clamor.

Be the anti-hype guy or girl, man or woman, Jedi or Wizard.

Go on a bike ride, take a hike, get out into nature, paint a watercolor, take a course on advanced origami crane techniques.

Shun hype, clickbait, and big egos.

Focus in on being nice and approachable. People will appreciate the authenticity for a change!

Rebel against poverty, quietly.

Be the embodiment of the saying that still waters run deep, a living testament to the power of quiet success.

Forget about being arrogant, abusive, and aggressive.

Walk the path of the moon, not the sun—illuminate subtly, without blinding. You don’t have to be the center of the universe to light up someone’s world. Sometimes, a gentle glow is more comforting than a glaring spotlight.

As your success and wealth grows—guide, don’t commandeer. Gently help other vessels find their way, much like a lighthouse built on the rock.

As Tim pointed out in his article, (sorry, you may have to be subscribed to Medium to read it): “It’s not about success habits. No. It’s about exploring your curiosities, being creative, and stealing back your imagination again from a business world that wants to crush it like a bug…Habits are useless without play.”

To prosper is not just to accumulate wealth, but to thrive in every sense—emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. It’s to understand that true prosperity is holistic, encompassing far more than material success. It’s to recognize that the richest life is one that’s balanced, that honors each facet of your being.

In a world that’s constantly shouting, your silence will be your strength. And in the words of Spock: “Live long and prosper.”

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