Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack
Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack

Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack

Let’s talk about a super simple image hack that could be the digital equivalent of spinach to your Popeye!

Last Updated: June, 2023

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Remember, great images aren’t just for gallery walls; they’re for your revenue-generating, conversion-crushing, world-dominating affiliate site too! Maybe you are starting out and have lost hours of sleep over how small the Amazon Images are on your blog. What can be done? Read on…

We Love Our Amazon Images

Affiliate marketing is a popular strategy to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. It involves an affiliate partner who promotes a company’s product and earns a commission for any sales made via their referral. Amazon, one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates, which has proven to be quite lucrative for many marketers.

It’s obvious—any online digital marketing is improved by images. This isn’t some complicated magic spell, but sadly, the images made available to Amazon Affiliates are often a little too small (even hyper-small is not an exaggeration!)

But I discovered a simple hack that does not require you to scale a treacherous mountain to learn from a wise old guru named Baba Ama Zon III.

The Amazon product image link can be modified with a few simple characters.

Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack
In the year 3245, it’s all about Amazon’s Interstellar Spaceship Deliveries, or ISD for short. Yes, you heard that right. Spaceships. They’ve come a long way from two-day shipping and Prime subscriptions. Now they can navigate the Goo Goo Clusters of deep space.

Images Are Crucial, But Often Very Small

Images play a crucial role in affiliate marketing, especially when it comes to selling products online. High-quality, detailed images can effectively showcase a product’s features, enabling potential customers to have a closer look at what they are about to purchase. Let’s expand this a little further:

Visual Appeal: Images can make your content more appealing and engaging. A well-chosen image can catch a viewer’s eye and make them more likely to engage with your content. This can lead to increased click-through rates and potentially higher conversions.

Product Understanding: Images can give potential customers a clearer understanding of what the product looks like and its features. Detailed images can reveal the texture, size, color, and functionality of a product, which text descriptions alone may not be able to convey fully.

Building Trust: High-quality images can lend credibility to your product and your brand. They show that you have put thought and effort into presenting the product in the best possible way, which can build trust with your audience.

Emotional Connection: Images can create an emotional connection between the customer and the product. They can evoke a desire for the product by helping customers imagine how the product would fit into their lives, or how it would feel to use the product. This emotional connection can be a powerful driver of sales.

Comparison and Decision Making: If you’re promoting several similar products as an affiliate, images can help customers compare these products side by side. They can make it easier for customers to differentiate between products and make a decision on which one to buy.

The Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack

However, there’s a significant challenge when it comes to Amazon’s affiliate program.

The images provided by Amazon for their affiliates are typically on the smaller side. In the digital era where high-definition, large-format images are often expected, these smaller images can be a setback for affiliate marketers. They might not provide the desired level of detail or the visual impact needed to persuade a potential customer.

Therefore, if you’re part of Amazon’s affiliate program, it’s crucial to supplement the provided images with larger, higher-quality ones whenever possible. This might mean sourcing additional images from the manufacturer or creating your own professional product photography.

But this is not always possible, and we don’t want to be pirates (even though you’d like a red parrot named Peg Leg Polly) and use copyrighted images (like just lifting an image from the Amazon website, yikes!). That will get you booted from the Amazon Affiliate program for doing so, their equivalent of walking the plank. Check their terms of agreement!

The Helpful Hack on the Image Code from Amazon

You can alter the image size by paying attention to a specific line of code when you copy the image link from the Amazon Associates Site Stripe bar.

Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack

What we need to do is change 2 or 3 numbers in the <img> tag src attribute. More on that below…

First, a quick example:

I just purchased an awesome Coffee Machine a few days ago, and I will use the Breville Touch Impress Coffee Machine image from Amazon as an example. (I am super impressed with the Touch Impress!)

The Largest Default Image (it is still a little small!)

As an example, I will use this excellent Coffee Machine I just purchased—super simple, super efficient, super taste – from Breville.

The Improved Image using the hack

Yep, this is much better—go on, indulge in a good coffee machine and an Amazon Affiliate hack!

What is the Hack?

Easy as Brewing A Spiced Latte!

Mow the lawn later, and get the code behind the scenes:

In the picture below, I have highlighted the code for the default small image (which is the actual large image according to Amazon’s SiteStripe).

Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack
Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack

In the highlighted code above, all you need to do is change the SL250 to SL500.

All done!

See – easy peasy, expresso needed!

Super Simple Amazon Associates Image Hack

The simplest hack to upgrade your Amazon product images is just as easy as brewing your favorite cup of joe. You see, in the same way that you’ve perfected your morning coffee ritual – getting the grind just right, the water temperature perfect, the brewing time nailed down – you too can optimize your images with just the right amount of attention and love—and probably a lot faster!

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