Eight Ways to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic and Conversions

Is your website feeling like a ghost town? Don’t worry, we won’t call in the Ghostbusters, but we will help you get some live traffic that converts!

Last Updated: June, 2023

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As a business owner, I know your ultimate goal is to build your very own starship, wear a very sleek skin-tight uniform with gold stripes, carry a cosmic moon badge, and start defending the galaxy. But before that momentous day, it is more important to convert potential customers into paying clients—how else will you afford the onboard intergalactic snuggle-blaster when you start your otherworld adventures?

Psst, Hey You? You Wanna Skyrocket Your Website Traffic and Conversions?

In the competitive world of e-commerce, capturing and converting customers is essential for businesses looking to thrive in this new AI-supercharged workspace.

To do so effectively, it’s crucial to develop a comprehensive approach that combines targeted marketing, an engaging user experience, and effective sales techniques. 

So why not spend a few brief light years as you skim-read some key strategies for attracting, engaging, and converting customers to boost your online sales?

As a business owner, I know your ultimate goal is to build your very own starship, wear a very sleek skin-tight uniform with gold stripes and a cosmic moon badge, and start exploring the galaxy.

But before that momentous day, it is more important to convert potential customers into paying clients—how else will you afford the onboard intergalactic snuggle-blaster when you start your otherworld adventures?

When Starbucks transitioned to a 90% AI staff base in the year 2059, surprisingly it met very little resistance, this was due mainly to the world-famous Spiced Chai Latte Series VII and the ChatLat-9 coffee-AI software installed on each droids internal neural network.

Can AI Bots Make Me A Chai Latte Yet?

With the volcanic rise of e-commerce, computer mice that glow in the dark, and AI bots that can almost make you a Chai Latte, this process has become as complex and as competitive as ever. 

Capturing a customer’s attention in today’s saturated online market is just the first step. The real challenge lies in understanding how to convert that attention (yay you—you at least got one site visitor from Scotland who likes wearing kilts regardless of the temperature) into a sale. 

Yes, and to make a sale, being visible is key. 

Customers cannot purchase from a business they don’t know exists.

The Gigglebottom Shadow

Your business may not be shrouded in the cloak-and-dagger mystique of the legendary Gigglebottom Shadow Agency, trying to eliminate the alien threat before it becomes way too obvious. 

But after catching their attention (customers, that is, not the alien threat), engaging with them and encouraging them to visit your store or other website pages is crucial. 

Now, requesting a customer’s email address is a good start, and acquiring their phone number is less likely due to the rise of spam calls. And if you are a super introvert who throws phones out the window at the slightest chance of interacting with a stranger, it is even less likely.

So we are stuck with emails, and emails are good; we can work with emails!

Your business should utilize innovative strategies to establish trust and a personal connection with new leads. And an email is perfect for this—think newsletters, promotions, connections, and the like.

Any business that is not blogging these days is missing out on a huge piece of the cherry pie that is dusted with lemon and exotic spices, for this is where you can connect and build trust with customers, offer them something of value (even if it is only a small 300-word article on how to get rid of spaghetti stuck in the kitchen sink).

Your personalized insight and recommendations, along with your exceptional customer service and a secure shopping experience, will mean so much to your customer (and to the half-mad spaghetti longing for eternal release from its steel tubular prison). 

By converting potential customers into loyal clients, you will be able to drive long-term growth and at least start thinking about what color you want the cockpit door handle to your new starship to be in.

To convert potential leads into sales, you can take the following steps:

Nadia Illonivich wants her very own starship, just like every other business owner and entrepreneur. She has already built her mission control in the basement of her home (pictured above) in Norilsk, just north of the arctic circle. She likes the color orange and has a cat known as Empress Tangerine.

Social Media is a Must

Cultivate and nurture leads from social media.

This would include signing up for an email subscription.

I have seen at least a 500% increase over a month or two since I seriously started using my ZOHO Socials manager. Sure, there are others out there that do backflips in yellow raincoats whilst humming a Brahms concerto, but ZOHO is the three things I desire: affordability, ease of use, and minimal interface!

Take a skidoodle at this awesome piece of ZOHO software.


Your Ideal Audience: Is it an Aristocratic Bunny?

Okay, enough giggling and down to some text-book serious twaddle like identifying and targeting your ideal audience and tailoring your message accordingly

Understanding your target audience is the first step in creating delicious pizza a successful marketing campaign. Identify your ideal customer’s demographics, interests, and behaviors to create targeted marketing messages that resonate with them. 

Oh my goodness, what a mouthful of twaddle, but it is important twaddle nonetheless.

If you are selling cheese graters to aristocratic bunnies, then researching bunny demographics and what makes these fluffy tail cheese enthusiasts tick will drive a lot more of them to your website. Soon you will be overrun with floppy ears wanting orders, and you now never have enough time to sleep—see, this is another reason why you need that starship.

Bunny Nutcracker Sugartoes discovered her passions, and you have now tailored your campaign to make her furry heart race with excitement. As you know, aristocratic bunnies are early risers, hopping to their castle library at the crack of dawn to browse the web for the latest in cheese-grating technology.

Offer Incentives. A Free Trip to the Moon?

Offer special incentives, such as discounts or exclusive offers, especially for signing up to email subscriptions. 

These days no one will just plop their email into your rusty wrought iron 18th-century letterbox. They need a little encouraging—and the formula is very simple: attract and retain; everyone needs a little bit of A ‘n R.

Your forward-thinking space tourism company aims to make lunar travel a reality. To attract subscribers to your email list, you might offer an enticing incentive, such as the chance to win a free trip to the moon in a red balloon. 

This extraordinary offer would undoubtedly capture the imagination of potential customers (though it may kill them in the process–asphyxiation at 40,000 feet is possible), but it will encourage some brave souls to sign up for the company’s newsletter in hopes of embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Hmm—maybe you could also throw in a free anti-asphyxiation steampunk helmet and a tin whistle in case the onboard conditions in the little straw gondola become too unbearable.

Hold onto your hats and glasses, iPhones, and TikTok dance routines, for today we shall traverse the stellar realm of lunar expeditions aboard our very own crimson chariot! But be prepared for the 40-thousand-foot challenge. Here is your little tin whistle.

The Most Disliked and Neglected Pages on Any Website

What are they?

Come on; you are allowed one free guess.

Your privacy policies, pricing structures, guidelines, terms and conditions, and other site policies are so boring that you forgot you checked the upgrade to premium spacecraft cabins box while in a semi-conscious state.

Wake up ** shakes the reader ** you are already starting to nod off, and you nearly spilled your hot tea all over your $5000 custom-made mechanical keyboard with the flashing LEDs.

So why have ‘em? These neglected and boring pages?

For starters, you can build consumer confidence by clearly communicating your policies. 

Every website needs them. 

Every website should have them. 

Not all websites do, but they may just save you a lot of galactic credits in legal fees from vindictive alien trainspotters in the long run.

So at the end of the day, do your research and get a properly constructed set of the most boring pages on the Internet. Check out the Policy Panda artwork on the most boring pages on my website! Frivolity can be an accidental mark of genius.  

I had a lawyer design mine; she offers a great service with lifetime access to updates. I now sleep better at night, and at least 1000 blog faeries were saved from utter annihilation in the process.

Web designer and part-time mage in a 4-year-old D&D campaign, Susanna ‘Fireblade’ Charlotte can wow an online audience with typography so dramatic that both Helevetica and Times-Roman blush, scream, burst into tears, and then cannot be found for a week.

Declutter the Void: Engaging Web Design

Keep your website simple, easy to navigate, and regularly updated with fresh writing. Neglect these three things, or your starship will never arrive from Amazon.

Ensure your website is user-friendly, with intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and responsive design. A positive user experience (UX) will encourage visitors (VI) to stay on your site and explore your offerings (OF).

People want to be dazzled and delighted

They want visual thrills in various forms. 

They want chicken salt on fries and an extra dollop of sugary cream on their beloved banana pancakes.

No one wants to see the one-millionth impression of a generic man smiling at a desk that a million other websites feature. Whilst stock images are necessary at times, these days, they are needed far less—especially with the advent of generative AI software such as Midjourney. We now have this and other amazing platforms to create very specific, color-coded photographic images of people who were never born.

Above and below: Several AI-generated images specifically made for some of my clients in my design projects. Today with AI, I can specify the color of clothing, ethnicity, gender, number of people in a picture, emotions, etc. This was unheard of a few years ago!

Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions Sample Image
Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions Sample Image

Incorporate high-quality original images, videos, and graphics to showcase your products and services effectively. Strong visual elements help convey your brand’s value proposition and entice customers to make a purchase. 

Wow, look at you!

Soon you will be able to install a life support system for your starship with all the profits you will be making from all this newfound knowledge.

Bunny Nutcracker Sugartoes has an older sister; Bunny Penelope Amélie (or just Pen as she prefers). She is also obsessed with cheese graters, her private collection numbers close to 2000. Her friends call her The Duchess Fromage.

Persuasive Content: Compelling Customers to Take Action

So you’re using social media to your advantage!

Well done.

And one of those aristocratic bunnies has hopped onto your site, signed up for their free cheese grater and the balloon ride (you now have bunny’s email for life)—but now you still need to craft engaging copy!

Ensure that all advertising and informational copy accurately reflects the products or services being offered. 


And yes, this includes your imported cheese graters and Luna balloon contraptions.

Create persuasive and engaging content that speaks to your target audience’s needs and desires. Use strong headlines, compelling product descriptions, and clear value propositions to motivate customers to take action.

Woah, that last sentence was also a bit too textbookish! But again, this is a necessary tidbit to procure your starship. Hey, have you chosen a name for it yet? All starships need a good name.

The Ultimate Headline

First things first, let us embark on the quest for the ultimate headline. 

It’s no secret that our dear aristocratic bunnies have a penchant for cheese graters and lunar escapades. To pique their interest, we must create an attention-grabbing headline that sends their whiskers a-twitching!

Paint a picture so vividly that your customers (and bunnies) can practically taste the adventure!

Content is all about the wondrous realm of copywriting

Example: “Introducing our Moon-aged Gouda Grater, the celestial solution to your cheesy cravings! Pair it with our gravity-defying Lunar Balloon Excursion, and you’ll be floating on cloud fifty-nine in no time!”

The Value Proposition

We must also address the heart of the matter: the value proposition.

This is where you reveal to your audience why your cheese graters and balloon rides are not mere mortal offerings but rather otherworldly experiences not to be missed! What value does it bring to their otherwise miserable and mediocre lives?

Example: “Our Moon-aged Gouda Grater will elevate your cheese game to intergalactic levels! And with our Lunar Balloon Excursion, you’ll witness breathtaking cosmic vistas that even the Hubble Telescope can’t capture!”

The CTA Click Magnet

Well-crafted Call-to-Actions (CTAs) encourage visitors to make a purchase or explore your website further.

We don’t want clickbait; we all hate clickbait; clickbait sucks. Like a pied piper of pixels, clickbait promises much and delivers little. Clickbait is the digital equivalent of a mischievous imp that preys upon our curiosities, turning our once-noble pursuit of information into a circus of subterfuge. So no clickbait.

But we do need compelling CTAs!

Instead of using boring phrases like “Buy Now” or “Sign Up,” use more exciting and action-oriented language. For example, you could say, “Take Flight Today and Experience the Wonder of Our Luna Balloon!”

We must beckon our esteemed bunnies with the siren call of a well-crafted Call-to-Action. This is their gateway to embark on the cheese-filled, sky-soaring journey they’ve been dreaming of!

Example: “Are You Ready to Reach for the Stars? Unleash your inner astronaut and snag your Moon-aged Gouda Grater now! Blast off to new heights with our Lunar Balloon Excursion! Click Here to Begin Your Adventure!”

In this article, I have turned up the heat of whimsy and humor to make the read more interesting and memorable—I like harnessing the power of imagination and wonder.

Find your own unique style and voice, and you will engage your audience in ways that the other 22,000,001 websites are not doing. 

You have a unique brand and voice and following. Carpe Diem.

Let your creativity run wild and enchant your visitors with your words.

With the right content, your website will win. Your customers will win. The bunnies will win. All will be hooked on your products and services and eager to explore every nook and cranny of your enchanted little niche on the Internet.

Future-you testing the anti-grav atrium in your new starship. And after reading this next section, you are thinking that a starship cannot come quickly enough.

Personalization: Tailoring the Customer Experience

By tailoring the shopping experience to individual preferences and interests, your business can create more meaningful connections with your customers, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Personalized Recommendations

Use customer data to offer personalized product recommendations and tailor your marketing messages. Personalization helps create a more relevant and engaging customer experience.

Browsing history, purchase history, and demographic information will help create tailored product recommendations.

Did the data indicate that way too many bunnies jump out of the gondola at the tree tops in fear of their aristocratic future? Perhaps you should offer an alternative to all such customers that is more appropriate to their unique and delicate sensitivities.

Employ Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms can be used to analyze large volumes of customer data and identify trends, allowing businesses to offer highly accurate and relevant product recommendations. These algorithms can adapt and learn from user behavior over time, continuously improving the quality of recommendations.

You know the story—there you are, looking up air fryers with twiddly blue knobs on Amazon, and then on Facebook, the next 30 ads you see are all air fryers with twiddly blue knobs.

In this wondrous age of algorithmic alchemy, why not get some AI bunny algorithms working on your behalf? By identifying bunny trends and patterns, you can weave a web of personalized recommendations so enticing that your customers will be left thumping their feet in delight.

Utilize Collaborative Filtering

Collaborative filtering is a technique that leverages the preferences of similar customers to provide personalized recommendations. By analyzing the purchase behavior of customers with similar interests, businesses can offer product suggestions that are more likely to appeal to individual shoppers.

I know this section might seem a little above our pay grades, but at least know these things exist!

Here are a few examples of companies that provide these machine learning algorithms and collaborative filtering solutions for e-commerce businesses:

Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions AI and Machine Learning

1. TensorFlow (by Google)

TensorFlow is an open-source machine-learning library developed by Google. It provides tools and resources for creating and deploying machine learning models, including those for collaborative filtering and recommendation systems.


Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions AI and Machine Learning

2. Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize is a machine learning service that enables businesses to create personalized recommendations for their customers. By utilizing Amazon’s extensive expertise in machine learning and collaborative filtering, this service helps businesses quickly develop and deploy recommendation systems tailored to their specific needs.


Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions AI and Machine Learning

3. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a suite of AI and machine learning services that can be used for various applications, including e-commerce personalization. Watson offers tools for creating and deploying recommendation systems, with support for collaborative filtering and other personalization techniques. 


Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions AI and Machine Learning

4. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based service that provides tools and resources for creating, training, and deploying machine learning models. With support for collaborative filtering and other recommendation techniques, Azure Machine Learning enables businesses to build personalized e-commerce experiences that drive customer engagement and conversion.


Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions AI and Machine Learning

5. Keras

Keras is an open-source deep learning library that can be used to build and deploy machine learning models for various applications, including recommendation systems. With its user-friendly interface and support for collaborative filtering, Keras allows businesses to quickly develop and implement personalized e-commerce experiences.


Australian cyber-hacker and UI designer Anne Somerset: “I’m getting some serious coding high from all this back-end work. We still need to make this shopping cart me-proof, and by that, I mean hacker-proof.”

Removing Barriers to Purchase

Simplify the Checkout Process

Reduce the number of steps required to complete a purchase and offer guest checkout options to minimize friction. 

If there are 35 pages to your checkout process, with a hieroglyphic cognitive exam at the end, your cart abandonment rate (CAR, no, I just made that acronym up) will be reaching the upper atmosphere. Be sure to wave to the Luna Balloon while you are up there.

A streamlined checkout process will reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion rates.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Provide a variety of payment options to cater to different customer preferences. 

You need the plastic fantastic!

Offering multiple payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, twigs, golden breadcrumbs, and other local payment options, can help facilitate seamless transactions and increase conversions.

Allow your clientele to indulge in the wonders of Google Pay, Apple Pay, or even the lesser-known but equally magical Bunny Pay.

A Micro Primer On Social Proof

PS: I heard that the aristocratic bunnies have gossiped to their close friends, the wizarding hedgehogs. They cannot stop talking about your cheese graters. This is what is known as social proof.

Now that you’ve become quite a sensation among the woodland folk, you can start to dream of that starship after all. Social proof helps build trust and encourages potential customers to convert.

Remember, it usually takes only a few seconds for customers to decide whether they are going to stay on your site or bounce to another universe altogether. Social proof is how the actions of other people influence our own decision-making—so use it to your advantage and build customer trust.

I have an example of social proof on the design page of my website.

Skyrocket your Website Traffic and Conversions - Social Proof
Oh dear, the Hedgehog Wizard Aurielus Fizzleleaf discovered all about your website via Bunny Penelope Amélie. This is social proof in the making; make sure your bandwidth is solid because once the wizarding hedgehog community discovers your cheese graters, your fame will skyrocket.

Was the Balloon Ride a Hit? Evaluate and Refine!

As with any marketing strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

It is important to conduct research, experiment with different approaches, and continually refine your strategy based on the results. 

  • Were the cheese graters a hit with the aristocratic bunnies?
  • Has anyone died on a trip to the moon recently?
  • Was the tin whistle prone to exploding from being used too much?

While the steps mentioned above are written in a whimsical way, purposely for memory retention, I might add—they also provide a solid foundation for converting any leads into sales.

It is important to remain open-minded and try new things. 

If the tin whistles kept on exploding, why not try an origami kazoo and a small flapping flag that says Luna Bound?

It may be uncomfortable to step outside of your comfort zone, but it could lead to discovering even more effective ways of converting leads into sales

By continuously testing and refining your strategies, you can stay ahead of the competition, build a loyal customer base, and achieve long-term success.

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Steve Roberts is a full-time blogger, digital marketer, and freelance designer who also helps young Jedis make informed lightsaber decisions. Join Steve on this incredible journey, learning how to scale your business and entrepreneurial vision. His clients include organizations and businesses from Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.

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