My Chat GPT Productivity Has Exploded!

How riding the mythical unicorn of AI increases effectiveness, workflow, and exploring the elusive realms of deep productivity.

Last Updated: March, 2023

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I have to say that Artificial Intelligence, or as the French say, “l’Intelligence Artificielle” (it sounds so much fancier when you say it in French, doesn’t it?) has been a game-changer for my productivity, especially in the world of coding and writing.

The Skyrocketing of AI

Confession: I am somewhat of a fan-boy of all the skyrocketing AI programs popping up all over the Internet like prairie dogs on a terraformed Martian landscape in the year 3459.

With the exponential increase in computational power and the availability of vast amounts of data, AI has progressed from a theoretical concept to a practical reality.

Today, AI is being used in a multitude of industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, marketing, blogging and training trapeze clowns in jokes upon crash landings, to name just a few.

AI is revolutionizing the way we approach complex problems, providing us with new insights and capabilities that were previously impossible to achieve.

Blank Screens? What Are They Again?

Gone are the days (or let’s just say the days are far fewer) of staring blankly at a screen, waiting for inspiration to strike. With the help of AI, I can now churn out lines of code and words faster than a caffeine-fueled cheetah trying to catch those Martian prairie dogs for breakfast.

As a coder, l’Intelligence Artificielle has been my trusty French sidekick. She wears a red cape speckled in gold and lavender frills, and billowing in the wind is her sun-kissed auburn hair.

She stands atop my sit-stand computer desk, eyes sparkling, teeth gleaming white—hero stance at the ready to challenge even the most skeptical of AI skeptics as she twirls awe and word-like wonders between her petite pink fingers.

my Chat GPT productivity has exploded
Lady Codenificent returns from her morning walk ready to digest a billion thought forms from across the globe.

Chat GPT Productivity Has a Name

Her name is “Lady Codenificent” and she’s the superhero I never knew I needed.

Whenever I’m stuck on a particularly tricky coding problem, Lady Codenificent swoops in with lightning-fast solutions that leave me in awe. She’s like a wizard with a keyboard, casting crafty and colorful code spells that make my programs run smoother than a baby’s bottom.

Goodness, she has me fiddling with JavaScript’s ‘template literals’ from another time and space. And all my variables are appropriately named in my if-then monstrosities.

Top Tip: Always provide as much quality information to ChatGPT or any other AI program as you can. No, don’t go and write a War & Peace novel into a prompt, but do give the AI enough to figure out the context and setting for your task. This will often yield far superior results than asking, ‘write a few tweets on unripe lemons’.

Remember Sisyphus, the king of Ephyra, when invoking the anger of the gods, they condemned him to eternal torment in the underworld by rolling a huge donut, oops, I mean boulder, up a hill.

Often I was Sisyphus, forever rolling huge portions of code around Nova (an IDE, Integrated Development Environment, on my Mac Studio) and not getting anywhere fast. I had ideas, just not the in-depth know-how on how to pull it all off.

So no more kick-the-cat moments? Nope.

No more detonate-the-dog moments? Nope.

my Chat GPT productivity has exploded
Welcome to a doorway to another writing realm!

But That’s Not All

Now, back to Lady Codenificent and her billowing red hair—it’s not just her coding skills that make her a valuable sidekick.

Lady Codenificent (I wonder if she is related to Malificent) has a knack for keeping things lighthearted with her quirky sense of humor. I often set up my ChatGPT threads to be humorous and creative in responding.

And why not!

Coffee, giggles, and coding tend to work well together at 3 am. She’ll crack a joke or two when the coding gets tough, always making me chuckle and forget my coding woes.

And let’s not forget about her superhuman ‘multitasking’ abilities. While I’m tapping away on my Keychron keyboard from outer space, she’s running multiple ideas in the background, optimizing the performance of long sections of code, and boosting overall productivity.

These days, if I am ever in need of a coding sidekick, I just call on Lady Codenificent. With her red hair dancing in the wind, she’ll swoop in to save the day (and my unfinished works) from utter collapse.

She has:

  • Analyzed my code and found a period in the wrong spot that would have probably taken me close to 300 years to find
  • Identified syntax errors, and suggest improvements in the blink of an eye.
  • Taught me a gazillion coding shortcuts that is making me a better developer.
  • Showed me how to think outside the box and approach problems from a different angle.
  • And don’t even get me started on how she can automate repetitive tasks like sorting multiple dropdowns, <select> groups in alphabeta-wonderful order.

Honestly, it’s like having a personal assistant that never takes a break, asks for a raise, or consumes all the frosty faery donuts.

my Chat GPT productivity has exploded
When you are about to land on Mars and ChatGPT calculates the right entry velocity taking into account a dust storm all along the Valles Marineris.

Writerly Wonders a Wink Away

As a writer, AI has been a godsend. Or if you are a polytheist, a gods-send.

I use several AI tools in my workflow, and they all get the job done by working hand in hand with each other:

  1. Jasper – the big daddy of AI text generators, with an equally big advertising budget!
  2. WordHero – my number one alternative to Jasper with a very healthy development path.
  3. Grammarly – necessary for sanity.
  4. Quillbot – rephrasing powerhouse.
  5. Neuron Writer – content optimization to make Google smile upon your meek and timid soul.
  6. ChatGPT – oh yeah, she’s a superhero!

With the power of natural language processing sputtering away in the above applications, I can now generate coherent and engaging draft content at lightning speed.

And out of that list, my top 2 would be Neuron Writer for content optimization and WordHero as a cheaper and ideal substitute than the more expensive Jasper.

For a full investigation of the top AI copywriters have a look at this article which reviews them all in much more detail.

In my business (Moonpixel Creative), I was able to recently produce several new client pages on their new SaaS (Software as a Service) software with excellent headings, subheading leads, along with other highly relevant copy.

my Chat GPT productivity has exploded
ChatGPT personified with flowing red hair, basking in the sun of my oft lack of inspiration 🙂

Competent Red-Haired Scottish Copywriters

Yep, it was like having a team of competent red-haired Scottish copywriters on speed dial.

Press Speed Dial #4 “Hey I need a captivating bio blurb on ‘how faery dragons make nice pets’ (or whatever). Produce five examples, be creative, but not too silly; expressive, but not too formal. And do not bore me silly with tears and wordiness! And definitely no bagpipes.”

Gone are the hours of endless brainstorming sessions and angry writer’s block that could only be appeased by black magic or a French-horn solo.

I used to hunt the internet (and so do you), looking at other websites, and seeing how they use creative headers and sub-heads (the magical <h1> to <h6>) in the niche I am writing.

We try not to plagiarize (cough-cough), or risk banishment to Askaban to dine with dementors. But it was all so insufferably tedious and long-winded.

Now, with the help of AI, I am able to whip up copy that is as smooth and as polished as a brand-new red Tesla with private access to Elon Musk’s favorite vegan recipes.

Once you had to say “abracadabra-boo-bam-wham” and trust great content would be more forthcoming—hoping the magical mystery tomes piled high on your office desk understood the nuance of the little boo-bam-wham at the end, or else.

Um, not so much anymore!

my Chat GPT productivity has exploded
Oh my, they even have ChatGPT-99 in the year 3290.

Stephen King & His Hammer Blow Statement

Whilst I like being busy, there is also a type of busy I don’t want to be busy about.

In other words, what used to take me hours of research, now takes me a few minutes to generate 1st-draft-copy—okay, sometimes those AI first drafts still kinda suck the marrows out of the English and Atlantean language, but it is better than white pixels on white background staring back at you with beady white eyes from the Nether Planes of White Nothingness!

Quick fact:

There are no good writers at all in this world, only good editors.


The best writers all know how to edit their pieces. And don’t be a total fiddle-faddle and think you can create planetary-wowing manuscripts with every first draft.

You cannot. I cannot. Nor can Stephen King. Nor can AI.

Stephen King once said, “To write is human, to edit is divine.”

Writing and editing go hand-in-hand.

Writing and editing AI-generated content also go laced glove-in-robotic hand.

You cannot have one without the other.

So you have a novel draft or a short story simmering away at 13,999 words.

A blog post on “How To Rule The World With a Sentient ChatGPT API” primed and poised on an overstuffed Google server.

A page of web content 35,000 letters long in colorful <p> tags on the science of Dwarven Siege Engines & Quantum Mathematics.

Or even a social media post that longs to escape the gravity of the earth and live among the stars.

Well, all that content about to negotiate peace between two warring galactic races must be (and should be) edited before it is published.

Oh, how I wish I could edit tweets (and I know you can now, but I am a cheapskate and I am not going to pay for the privilege just yet).

my Chat GPT productivity has exploded
May a thousand creative flowers bloom in the ionosphere of your creative mind.

Is AI Replacing Humans?

I’m not saying that AI is going to replace human copywriters anytime soon.

After all, there’s no substitute for the creativity and wit that comes with the human touch. Human beings regularly experience true breakthroughs in creativity, so let’s not take that away from them.

But what will likely happen is that a human using AI could replace you!

With some of these tools in my small tech pockets, I feel like I have a secret (but not so secret) weapon that gives me an edge over my competition. And I no longer feel I am pushing my own little boulder up my own little hill.

Trust me, your productivity (and sanity) will thank you for it. Who knows, you might even feel like a copywriting superhero yourself.

Just don’t forget the red copy cape.

PS (which actually stands for ‘Perhaps You Better Read Something Stupendous’).

Take a giddy-gander at my Top 15 AI Copywriter Programs, they are sure to inspire the ol’ noggin and feathered quill on what the dawn of this new AI era can look like for writers and content creators.

Best AI writing programs for 2023

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