Midjourney and Face Recognition Technology insight face
Midjourney and Face Recognition Technology insight face

Midjourney and Face Recognition Technology

Ever tried unlocking your phone with a spaghetti-smeared face after a pasta dinner? Well, with “Midjourney and Face Recognition Technology,” even your spaghetti face has a VIP pass! Dive into a world where tech meets whatever you want!

Last Updated: August, 2023

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The integration of “Midjourney” and face recognition technology heralds a new era in digital AI creation concepts. Is Midjourney poised to reshape the landscape of self-portraiture, setting a gold standard for both ease and AI augmented creativity?

The Art of Deep Face

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital innovation, deep learning stands at the forefront of revolutionizing content creation.

One of the advances is the “Art of Deep Face.”

Enter InsightFace — and it is free to use!

InsightFace efficiently implements a rich variety of state-of-the-art algorithms of face recognition, face detection and face alignment, which are optimized for both training and deployment.

In other words, it is kinda cool to make your (or anyone’s face) into something totally unique. You’ve all seen those face-swapping apps? Yeah, the ones you will never really buy but play around with for about 360 seconds and then delete.

Well, think that, then multiply it by 100.

Now we can use Midjourney and InsightFaceSwap Bot to create personalized portraits

Midjourney and Face Recognition Technology insight face
Image: via GitHub Deep Insight Swapping docs

Refining Creativity with Midjourney and Face Recognition Technology

This advanced subset of machine learning, powered by intricate AI architectures, is poised to redefine the boundaries of creativity, enabling machines to generate content with unprecedented sophistication and nuance.

As we venture into the future, the symbiosis of human imagination and AI-driven tools promises to usher in a new era where content, be it in art, literature, or multimedia, is not just consumed but collaboratively crafted, blurring the lines between creator and creation

Just as you are familiar with the slash commands of Midjourney (/imagine etc.) You invite the bot to your server and use slash commands like an addon or Midjourney extension – using /swapid /setid etc.

How To Be Magical?

Invite Insight Face Bot to Your Server

First things first: invite the Insight Face Bot to your server.

  • Select your Server, then
  • Authorize

Register a New Identity

After adding both the Midjourney Bot and Insight Face Bot to your server, upload any portrait image and use the command “/saveid” to register the identity (image) for face swapping.

In my example, I grabbed an image from Unsplash from Tamara Bellis.

  • Use the command “/saveid”
  • Drag your image to the placeholder to upload it. A front-view photo with no glasses and no heavy bangs performs better.
  • Name your id, in my example, I used betty.

The registered name can be a combination of alpha/numerics (up to 10 characters in length).

Invite Insight Face Bot to Your Server

So far, so good—now we need to set the identity with the command “/setid”. This sets the default identity name(s) for image generation using the context menu. If you need to set multiple ID names, please use commas to separate them.

Create a portrait image

Where are we at? You have:

  • Invited the Insight Face Bot to your server.
  • Registered a new identity image with a unique name
  • Set the ID that will be accessed via the context menu with /setid.

Now we simply create a portrait image in Midjourney. Pick one you like and upscale it. I used this prompt for a cafe scene in Europe and used U1:

/imagine prompt bright editorial lifestyle photo of a young woman sitting outside in Europe at a cafe table, she has a cup of coffee, she has long messy hair, she is looking away, detailed sharp skin texture, wide angle, the cafe is on a street corner, 4k, photorealism, global illumination –ar 2:3

Ignore the levitating cup! LOL

And for those who prefer analog

There are only two styles of portrait painting: the serious and the smirk.”Charles Dickens

Inswapper Magic at work

After the enlargement is complete, we can simply use the INSwapper context menu to generate our portrait.

  • Right-click on the target image and then
  • Select the INSwapper menu item under Apps.
Midjourney Image Swap facial recognition insight face

More information and setup details on using Midjourney and InsightFaceSwap Bot to create a personalized portrait can be found on this Github page.

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