Stunning Image Creation made simple

or at least a barrel of mad monkeys and a one-leg moose who writes poetry would think so

Midjourney Prompt Generator - logos

Behold the wonder of the Moonpixel Expressia Positiva Bot – a beacon of creative light in a world of poor memes and artistic fiddlesticks.

With its effortless prompt generation, this remarkable AI-assist tool unleashes a cascade of inspiration, like a river bursting free from its dam during the season when dams bust into tears at the first sign of rain.

Good grief, you wax way too poetic for my liking!

The Moonpixel Expressia Positiva Bot attempts to slap your imagination with boundless possibilities. It is a powerful ally to the AI artist and prompt engineer alike— so why not try unlocking the secrets of creativity with ease?

How many combinations are there? More than the number of puddles in your laundry after your 50-year-old washing machine exploded!

This simple form-bot generates AI text prompts that dance like fireflies (uh oh, more) in the night sky, each one a tiny spark of inspiration, a whisper of creative energy that ignites the soul and sets the mind ablaze.

Well, those words are all a bit of an overkill really, but hey, it will save time and help bring ideas to the table—so that’s not to be sneezed at with a bag of pepper chips.

May all your prompts bask in the glow of its radiant creativity (still, more hyperbole, good grief, gimme a break). It may not be a magical gateway to boundless artistic expression, but it is at least a jolly good time saver—and it is so simple to use a duck with a trombone made of feathers could use it.

moonpixel prompt bot – Expressia Positiva edition

Build ~ Copy ~ Paste ~ TWEAK ~ repeat


A few things to keep in mind as you fiddle with Logolicious.

Midjourney does not yet do text well

So even if you do request a single letter (and it is weighted), it might not always get there. You could try weeping, screaming at the ice cubes in the freezer, or eating 12 donuts—but it is not likely to improve the situation


So you still want no text in the logo generated – you can try checking the No Text checkbox and it will add some --no parameters to the prompt (not always perfect but worth a shot.) Also, choosing Image Only Logo Icon, Identification Symbol or Sticker (under Logo Type) can sometimes help.

The Chaosium

The --chaos parameter influences how varied the initial image grids are. High --chaos values will produce more unusual and unexpected results such as chicken droids eating marshmallow underpants in mid-air. Lower --chaos values have more reliable, repeatable results, like Mt Everest on a clear day.

stylization mama

On stylization (not sterilization): Low stylization values produce images that closely match your prompt but are less artistic (boo!). High stylization values create images that are very artistic but less connected to the prompt (a mix of boo and yay).

The default is 100 in Version 4, in Version 5 sterilization will be introduced that will eliminate vampires, werewolves, and politicians from appearing in your bedroom at midnight.


(and solopreneurs) all have something in common—they dream of a different future and share that future with the world.