Best Bike Bells of 2023
Best Bike Bells of 2023

Ding-Ding Make Way for the King (or Queen): Best Bike Bells of 2023

These premium bells (and budget bargains) will make pedestrians bow down, and cars swoon. Feel like royalty on the road! Crafted with love, they’ll add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your trusty metal steed. Ride in style, my friend, ride in style!

Last Updated: June, 2023

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Tired of boring bells? I was. These are gadgets worth looking out for that you did not know you needed. I got them for our eBikes. You need them for your eBike (or whatever two-wheeled wonder wagon you traverse mountains and roads with).

Banish Boring Bells: Best Bike Bells of 2023

Long live the alliteration of the letter B.

Have you ever gazed upon your bicycle and thought, “Goodness gracious, what a marvel of modern machinery, but golly gee darn and wallop snog, why must it be tarnished with such a dreary dinger-donger?”

That was me, and yes, I know this is not a topic that will change the world, but if you’ve found yourself in such an existential 3 am predicament, this article is your Holy Grail, your Willy Wonka golden ticket, your unexpected letter from Hogwarts – on getting a simple upgrade utopia about the size of a penny or two.

As Oscar Wilde might have said, had he been a bicycle enthusiast, “Bicycle bells are the sonnets of the street, a melody amidst the mundane, alerting all to the approach of the two-wheeled, pedal-pumping pegasus.” In less eloquent terms, they may even save you from collisions and make your presence known amidst the hustle and bustle of city and park life.

Rumors of War Abound About the Bell

You may not realize it, but there is an age-old clash of the Bell-berians versus the Vocal-localites. Or, in other words—the pro-bell crowd versus the anti-bell crowd. It can savage entire communities, almost like vampires and werewolves locked in eternal metallic conflict.

It is akin to a Shakespearean showdown: “To ding, or not to ding, that is the question.”

On one side, we have the hardcore, militant Bell-berians, zealots in their staunch advocacy for all that clangs and jingles. These folks believe in the divine power of the tiny metal bell, treating it as the shining Excalibur of bicycle etiquette.

On the other side, we find the Vocal-localites, the vocal vanguard of the biking world who eschew the cold, impersonal clamor of a bell in favor of a warm, human utterances. For them, a hearty “On your left!” or a kindly “Coming through!” is a powerful lighthouse beacon amidst the fog of modern isolation.

Where sit I? I like bells. I like gadgets. And I like bell gadgets. For what it’s worth, I am Bellberian, but I am also able to use my voice when the mood hits.

I think a bicycle bell adds a sort of metallic melodiousness, crisp and clear, to a shared pathway of pedestrians, poodles, and the odd 165 million-year-old Parkosauerus. Bells have a certain sonic charm, a piercing clarity that cuts through the cacophony of daily life. Think of it as a gentle ding of impending doom if ignored.

To the anti-bell lobby, they believe words create a bond, however brief, between fellow trailblazers, weaving a tapestry of camaraderie upon the loom of shared adventure. And I would agree, yes, a bell’s ding can’t express, “Lovely weather we’re having,” or “Cute dog, does she bite!”, but your voice can! So why not add that afterward vocal burst if your heart wants to engage your future life partner on the path?

Best Bike Bells of 2023
Bella Brimpton of Breezybend Boulevard believes in the bell. On her Rapid Ruby retro eBike she skedaddles city streets singing and ringing all the way with her collection of budget bellarific beauties. So, take a look below.

Bing Ding Budget Ring

The humble bicycle bell, be thou humble no more.

It may seem like a simple accessory, but to us cycling enthusiasts, it’s a crucial part of our biking arsenal. Picture this: you’re pedaling through the streets, feeling the wind in your hair, and suddenly, a pedestrian steps into your path (with or without a machete). What do you do? Shout? Nah! You ring your trusty bicycle bell and command the attention of all who dare to cross your path (especially those swishing machetes).

But finding the perfect bicycle bell is no ordinary quest; it’s an epic adventure of hilarious geeky proportions! And one that takes up way too much time than it should.

I wanted a super simple accessory that looked super sleek and also performed like an alien orchestra about to crash into an asteroid.

You see, not all bicycle bells are created equal. There are those that emit a feeble “ting-ting” that can barely be heard over the sound of a distant cricket. Then there are the ones that sound like a full-blown tuba marching band, causing nearby birds to take flight in terror and the national guard to reach DEFCON2.

As avid cyclists, we need something in between – a bell that says, “Hey, move it, pretty please!” without inducing heart attacks or changes in the politic structure of entire nations.

Bells For Under $20 That Are Super Delicious

Ready for a quick dive into the world of budget-friendly bells that not only provide a delightful flavor of colors but also won’t break the bank? Of course, you are.

Budget Pedal Pings I

Let the world know you’re coming through with a jingle-ting that’ll have heads turning and smiles blooming!

Measure twice, order once, and disappointment be gone!

These petite powerhouses of sound, with a high-quality brass domes, and sturdy strikers, deliver resonating rings with plenty of decibels, ensuring both cyclists and pedestrians are alert to your upcoming grand entrance.

These bell’s diminutive dome sizes allow them to snuggle up comfortably amongst your 276 other handlebar paraphernalia and gadgets. Built from a robust combo of brass or machined aluminum alloy, the bells are as durable as a honey badger with a bad attitude on a bohemian blue bike.


Designed for pretty much all road, mountain, beach cruiser, hybrid or eBikes, whether for adults or kids. They fit the most common bicycle handlebar sizes: 19.2 to 31.8mm. Pro Bike are so confident about the quality of their bike bell that if you have any product issues, they are very happy to either provide a refund, a replacement, or a trip to the star cluster Bikivoid in the year 3290!

the stouchi BELL

The Stouchi bell hides your Apple Air Tag. So far, so good. From now on, you no longer have to worry about your expensive and beloved bike being stolen! Stouchi designs were born out of a shared passion for good design and innovation. By combining the finest materials, functional design, and precise details, they create products with personality. They are also super affordable.


I’ve always liked the quality of Rockbros products (I love these pedals and would recommend them to anyone), and this bell is no exception. If you want a super loud, durable copper bell with excellent secure mounting, then this could be the bargain bell bonanza you are looking for.

So, if you’re a serious bell hunter and style aficionado, these dingers not only deliver a symphony of sound but also make a stylish statement. I think we can all appreciate a bell for under $20 that offers exceptional value and jaw-dropping designs.

Want to see more? Why not check out these three other classic, almost Westminster-like chimes for your ride?

Best Bike Bells of 2023
Meet Peter Montigue, the undisputed monarch of mail, the sultan of stamps, the uncontested courier of Clobberville—he has not used a bell for 65 years, he hates them—until now, he secretly confided in me that the Knog Oi had definitely caught his attention.

Budget Pedal Pings II

A treasure trove of bells that deliver both value and exquisite designs.

Sportout Copper Alloy Bike Bell

Sportout’s copper alloy bike bell is made of high-quality copper alloy with anti-rust and anti-aging coating, which offers long-lasting use. It comes equipped with high-strength springs and a light, strong alloy bracket, making it super durable. These bells also come with graduated rubber inserts to fit any size handlebar.


A great fit for bicycle handlebars with an outer diameter 22.2 – 25.4mm. Simple to install on either the right or left side, and plenty of room left over for other gadgets. With over 7000 5-star ratings on Amazon this Greallthy bell will deliver a clear sound. It also comes in a wide variety of colors—so grab one to match your bike!

Kickstand Cycleworks Classic Beach Cruiser

If you need to choose from 21 adorable colors and want that classic ‘ring-ring’ sound and style—this Kickstand Cycleworks bell is for you. The timeless 55mm dome design is available in 21 color accents, giving you a massive range to choose from and personalize your handlebar. Why not buy all 21 flavors and start your own handlebar skittle orchestra?


Get ready to ring in the savings with confidence and panache with any of the above bells! But if you really want to splurge on a high-quality bike bell (and why not), then keep reading. Remember, a bicycle bell is not just a safety accessory but also an expression of your style and preference.

Wing Ding a Premier Ring

The humble bicycle bell meets Bitcoin; be thou humble no more.

No, you can keep HODLing those precious Bitcoins till they reach $300,000, but these next luxury dingers are of more premium quality for the serious cycle sojourner.

Whether your style is more Audrey Hepburn or Lady Gaga, there’s bound to be a bell that perfectly complements your personality and your bike. These bells don’t merely ding; they announce your presence with an unmistakable touch of class (or at least you will know they are your tiny touch of class.)

Who knows, maybe you will stop in Central Park and talk to the blond girl walking her black poodle named Fifi and tell her all about your bell, perhaps she could even ding it for you. The possibilities are limitless.

PREMIER Pedal Pings I

One-of-a-kind looks that hover across your handlebar telling you that you are a rider of sufficient class to impress even Louis XIV of France.

The Lezyne Classic Brass Bell

The Lezyne Classic Brass Bell is a statement of timeless elegance. Its polished brass dome not only looks exquisite but also emits a bold, harmonic tone that ensures your presence is noticed. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a fusion of traditional aesthetics and modern design.

Crane Alloy & Brass Bell

Japanese craftsmanship meets optimal functionality in the Crane Alloy and Brass Bell. Its brass or aluminum alloy composition provides a rich, vibrant sound that travels far. The bell is sleek and compact, with the design emphasis on simplicity and functionality.

The Knog Oi

Knog Oi Luxe offers a blend of style and performance that’s hard to match. It boasts an innovative “arc” shape, CNC machined from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. The tone it produces is rich, clear, and loud, making it perfect for busy city roads and serene countryside alike. The bicycle bell design remained largely unchanged until this multi-award-winning Knog Oi bike bell arrived in 2016. Some people hate this bell; personally, I love it.

Did you know that the first bicycle bell was invented in 1877 by John Richard Dedicoat? (Dear Mr. Dedicoat also invented the pencil sharpener—your trivia mind is now satisfied.)

This ingenious device revolutionized cycling safety by providing a clear and attention-grabbing way for cyclists to announce their presence on the roads.

While bells are primarily used for safety, they can also be used as a means of self-expression. Some cyclists customize their bells with unique patterns, colors, or decals to showcase their personality and make a statement on the road. Even just owning one of the more premium bell types, might just be your path to enlightenment and greater self-confidence for the next 60 years.

PREMIER Pedal Pings II

Bicycle bells don’t just ring; they cry out tunes that make heads turn and toes tap. It’s like having a portable concert on your handlebars. Be the rockstar of the road or the quiet triangle player of the philharmonic—your choice.

Bicycle bells have evolved over the years to incorporate new technologies. Some modern bells feature built-in electronic sound effects, allowing cyclists to choose from a range of different tones or melodies.

My preference is the crisp metallic ding rather than a warble of electronic sounds. What is your preference? These premium, innovative bells combine traditional functionality with a touch of modern flair—lovely indeed.


If exquisite looks are a thing, then this is certainly worth a look-see. The installation is straightforward, but it’s crucial to select the correct diameter for your handlebars. The bell’s volume is sufficient, alerting everyone on the bike path. Its tone is not only audible but musical, contrasting the typical ring or ding of standard bells. Knog’s Hugo & Mal, product designer and mechanical engineer, now lead a Melbourne (Australia) based team of over 20 people.

The AXL Cycling Bike Bell

The AXL Cycling bell features a unique structure, deviating from the traditional dome shape to adopt a design inspired by a shotgun. It incorporates an aluminum alloy base, replacing the conventional plastic, and uses a magnetic mechanism for swift assembly and disassembly, adding a layer of theft prevention. Additionally, the bell utilizes iron sheets instead of springs, enhancing durability and ensuring a consistent sound output by eliminating the issue of loosened springs.

Timber Bike Bell

Timber bike bells offer a motion-activated passive cowbell ring mode for secure passage on shared trails. Its solid brass bell emits a friendly sound that travels far, alerting wildlife and other trail users. It also has a stealth mode for quiet rides when alone on the trail. The updated design now accommodates all handlebar sizes, including 35mm bars, with shims for standard 31.8mm and 22.2mm bars. Ease of mounting is ensured by a hinge pin in the bar clamp, eliminating the need to remove grips or brakes.

A well-crafted story is easier to remember than a list of product features or benefits. It’s how our brains are wired – we remember stories and narratives much more readily than cold, hard facts.

Emotions are intrinsically linked to our memory. When a story triggers an emotional response, it’s more likely to be remembered.

Best Bike Bells of 2023
Zara ‘Zephyr’ Zoom rides her custom retro bike with her own designed Zephyr Zing Ding bell—a solar-powered technological marvel with the perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and futuristic functionality. Despite its rather large size, it also acts as a quantum portal device to translocate across busy intersections in about 0.2 nanoseconds.

You Know Why Storytelling is a Marketing Superpower: It’s Time to Become a Storyteller

After extensive research and rigorous wondering if a bicycle bell is the final piece of kit I will buy for my bike, the crown for the best bicycle bell of the moment goes to two outstanding contenders in their respective categories.

For those on a budget, the ‘Pro Bike Tool Bell‘ offers exceptional value for money. With a resonant chime that can cut through the hustle and bustle of city noise, and a robust design built to withstand the elements, it proves that premium features can come without a premium price tag.

On the other hand, if cost is not a constraint and you’re seeking the best of the best, the ‘AXL Cycling Bike Bell‘ reigns supreme. With its precision-tuned sound, artful craftsmanship, and tough-high quality metal—it delivers an unrivaled blend of form, function, and dual-tone finesse.

But like socks and space helmets, bells can turn out to be a very subjective matter. Whether you opt for the ‘Pro Bike’ or the ‘AXL,’ or some other wonder-dinger, rest assured, you’ll be adding a reliable and stylish companion to your cycling adventures this year.

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