Design and Digital Marketing, Writing & Interstellar Space Travel

I asked a designer once, “What are the elements of good design?” He replied, “Elegance, simplicity, and a small amount of magic.”

Here at Moonpixel Creative, we are good design evangelists, with pixel wands at the ready. And beyond the computer screen that elegance, simplicity, and special kind of ‘magic’ are a good recipe for life as well! What’s the magic? Read on…


No! I Am Not a Space Traveller (Yet)

But I am always open to discovering new worlds of design and creativity.

I am an online business and digital creative freelancer with over 18+ years of experience. My expertise includes graphic design, book publishing, and building online business, humanitarian, and educational websites that stand out from the rest.

I have worked with clients all over the world, including Asia, Australia, Europe, and the USA.

I lived in Asia for over 22 years and traveled to, and worked among, some of the poorest nations on earth. I even lived 5 years in Myanmar (Burma)—and oh boy, was that eye-opening!

Yet despite seeing the poverty and injustice, I still believe in the dignity and worth of each and every soul, to see them empowered, transformed, and set on a path to freedom and abundance.

All things are possible! And to believe anything else would be a tragedy. You and I have dreams, the poor have dreams, and we are all believing in a better tomorrow. These are dreams, not just for ourselves, for a bigger this or a bigger that, maybe it’s a dream to build orphanages or a dream to build medical clinics. I can’t do that with limited, lacking, poverty mentalities.

Real change is possible.

Steve is all about design and digital marketing, and exploring the realms of deep space.

When you have an abundance-mind-set and a desire to advance humanity, why not believe in the provision and supply of all good things to truly make a difference?

You and I have seeds planted inside us, filled with possibilities, incredible potential, crazy creative ideas, and borderless dreams. Call me weird, but I love to see people happy, healthy, prosperous, and succeeding.

Limitations, pain, or fear were never meant to rule our lives. Dare to envision a life of prosperity in all dimensions. To rethink the past and the future, to reimagine a life without all the baggage we’ve been carrying for years, and to thrive with a powerful sense of purpose toward a life that you never thought possible.

Just imagine what that would look like!


I am slightly addicted to words. So I write. Writers write! I love writing, and in fact, I’ve written 6 books so far. A lot of biographics, poetics and fantastical stories. Pro-tip: Rewrite everything until it doesn’t suck like a sad duck.

I live about 60 seconds from a tropical beach in the far north of Australia—though I have not seen mermaids or the Kraken, I do believe they exist, and on the occasional full moon, I swear I hear them singing (the mermaids that is, the Kraken does not sing, it prefers to hum Brahms Piano Concerto Number 2).

I code. HTML. CSS. JavaScript. I also recognize the outer limits of shame, self-defeating mindsets, and existential dread when you spend 3 hours looking for a lost semi-colon.

I enjoy vegan food, despite some thinking it is some sort of astronomical mind-destroying Cthullu-like monstrosity from a Lovecraft novel set loose on your tastebuds.

My favourite animal is a Pug Dog. They also like words, along with skydiving in a red cape, short day trips on a white Vespa, and defeating black spider-borgs sent from the underworld.

I am still figuring out how to be awesome. And in recent conversations with a squirrel, it appears it is harder than they first led me to believe.


Creativity births new forms, though it may appear chaotic at first. It is a cyclic theme that includes birth & death, construction & destruction, order & disorder, evolution & devolution.

Every birth of a new thought form—an evolution in one’s understanding—often means the death or devolution of previous adaptations. Creativity is continuously in the process of birthing new ordered forms.

A Small Poem: Words are like holy pilgrims risking their short memorial life as they visit my imagination shrines. They have scaled mountain and forest deep, continuously burning their oil lamps of hope and expectation. They are devout, passionate, and seek divine relief from non use.

Boomerangs are the physical representation of the power of positive thoughts. Give positivity, hope, joy, and encouragement out into the world. It will magnify, multiply and return. Thus ends my brief TedTalk on the upcoming radiant cosmic singularity.

How to be successful: Quit quitting.

The first draft of any blog post, novel, poem, or time travel device is cloaked in darkness and despair. Can you even string two words together Steve?

My Current Home Office Setup

To find out a little more about the equipment I use to run Moonpixel Creative visit any of the following links. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you—you can read more about this in my Disclaimer Policy.


If it glows, your IQ is powering up!

My current setup for my home office is a mix of a Federation Space Cruiser and the new Na’vi Security Office on Pandora III. My Sit/Stand Desk with a Secret Lab chair makes me feel way more intelligent than I really am—and both go up and down when I want a little ride.

  • Sit/Stand Desk is by the Australian company Zen Space Desks. Flexispot is also another very nice option.
  • Cool blue light strips (or any other colour you want) that make your office all SyFy and Pandora-like.
  • Secret Lab chairs are the best chairs in the galaxy, except for the ones found on a small planet called Xi, about 43 million light-years away


If you see more, You create better!

Ultrawide monitors are exactly what they sound like—so wide that you can raise a small family of hedgehogs inside and then write a book and edit a video about those hedgehogs. I’ve found my LG Ultrawide such an asset that I will never ever go back to anything less than 350 miles wide—and the performance has been excellent for the price.

  • My current LG Ultrawide 35WN75C does a fantastic job for the price
  • One day I am going to seriously end up selling all my crypto and stare at this brilliant monitor – the LG 5K Ultrawide. Why not dream, it’s free!


If I own a mac computer do i get to sip a posh latte?

Posh latte humor aside, I used a PC for years, yet my workstation of late is the tech juggernaut Mac Studio powered by Apple’s hefty new chipset. It zooms along just fine with 32GB of RAM, thank you very much. And when you have 55 browser tabs open there is no slowdown at all. Really? Yes, really!

  • Like the Imperial Death Star, Apple hardware needs no link!
  • Aw, okay, just one—the new Mac Studio is a beast on the prowl. A Two Steps From Hell soundtrack is recommended when powering on.


If my keyboard glows in the dark, IT’S gonna be orcs!

I used to buy cheap and nasty keyboards. They usually burst into flames about month five. Since upgrading to a mechanical keyboard a few years ago I can now type 2000 words per second. Well maybe not that much, but the feel and durability of my Keychron is an emotional pleasure to use. It also glows when orcs are near, giving me time to whip out the old mithril blade.

  • Keychron K2 is a compact 75% layout (84-keys) LED backlight Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. The ultimate keyboard that retains shortcut and arrow keys. Works on Mac and PC and a small digital fish in a frozen pond in Norway.


If I hear the bass I visit my Creative Zone!

Can Mozart make you smarter at the office? Can a death metal riff cause your fonts the break down in fear? Did sea chanteys sung by sailors as they rowed across the Atlantic make them more productive? Whatever—these are one of the most affordable, comfortable, and pure-sound headphones I have ever owned.

  • A huge sound for such a small price—it’s almost illegal. And in fact, if this was available on Mars, you would need to spend close to 1000 Martian Credits. Soundcore’s Life Q20 has an incredible sound and is loved by 20 million+ people.


If I speak, i will pop like popcorn; flow like water

A good mic is like owning colourful socks: all the tones and nuances of your voice and personality get to throw a party. My RODE mic is not an ultra-expensive giggle-stick, but it’s perfect for chatting with clients, creating podcasts, and singing opera in the shower—without sounding like I just received a solid karate kick in the larynx.

  • RODE NT-USB Mini Microphone is studio quality without the need of mining for more gold in the mines of Moria
  • And a RODE PSA1 quality Boom Arm is a necessity – no floppy and cheap and nasty boom arms should ever be in your presence—trust me, and just pay that tiny bit more! No wonder it is an Amazon’s Choice!


If orbi calls, i will answer

The spontaneous generation of pixels on your 1001 devices does not just happen—it needs a coffee machine and a high-performance Orbi WiFi router/extender. Best router ever, with exceptional performance, without interruptions, and it maximises my connection speed. Booyah!

  • NETGEAR ORBI Whole Home Triband WiFi Router. So far this is the best and most affordable router I have ever owned!
About Moonpixel
Working hard as always…
About the moonpixel writing style

I believe that reading tech & business guides and making money online should also be fun.

Not only will you learn a gazillion electabytes of valuable information about blogging, business software, and digital marketing opportunities, but you’ll also find storytelling, dangerous magic, diabolical monsters, and comedic spasms that are as odd as a glowing red light on a cosmic gizmatron.

Okay, whimsy is thrown in—sometimes with a tiny teaspoon, sometimes with a shovel the size of a large hen I discovered in a chateau in France.

But I want you to remember stuff: #truestory.

Small interludes of humor can help.

Consider this site a mix of proven, well-researched advice, that once met a wizard on a quest to deal with a cosmic terror that was unleashed by a mad squirrel called Poverty.

My blog posts are not square pegs jammed into round holes; they’re more like magical incantations stuffed into cheesecake and then left to their own devices on the wild prairies of the Internet.

So finish your nap, grab a plate of ice cream (hey, have you tried Little Moons), and cast a protective shield against all those amorphous vile shadows lurking near your office window. Enjoy the site, especially as you figure out how to become a freaking millionaire with the next mouse click which opens a secret door leading to The One Pixel.

Question: Why the name Moonpixel?

I work late into the night, moonlight washing across my desk, shuffling pixels around my Mac Studio. It’s mystical, it’s surreal, and it’s my creative zone.

At night I write very detailed outlines of my next post on the latest gadget that will revolutionize your entire online world and rocket you to untold wealth.

Other times I perform deep open-heart surgery staring at the moon as I feel slightly overwhelmed and despondent. We all have those days! Like a Stormtrooper beginning to question his entire life’s calling to be an elite shock troop of the Galactic Empire.

Onward brave rebel souls…we will all get there!

Yes, This Is a Business Website

but beyond the web, the pixel, and the marketing dollar is a life filled with ultimate purpose, incredible passion, and transforming vision (and a ton of laughter & Joy is also healthy).