Power Words to Grow Your Brand
Power Words to Grow Your Brand

7 Reasons to Use Power Words to Grow Your Brand

A simple marketing hack that even a small sentient twig could use if needed. However, most sentient twigs don’t need to, preferring to avoid such trivial matters.

Last Updated: March, 2023

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Sizzle, not fizzle. Our content needs it, our readers need it, and our very souls need it—the right words, in the right places, at the right time. At the heart of every great piece of content is a spark that ignites the reader’s imagination and sets their world ablaze.

What on Earth Is a Power Word?

Welcome to the secret of little micro-explosions ready to carve out new territory in your writing repertoire.

You’ve created your new blog post.

You’ve done extensive research.

You position yourself on your $2000 dollar exclusive blogging chair and wait for the metrics to come in for “21 SEO Secrets No One is Talking About—But Will Cause a Digital Sensation for Decades.”

** C r i c k e t s **

You were sure the 1st page of Google was your rightful home, yet you find your post eating stale lettuce, living in a tin shed on a desert planet called Noonecares.

“What! Page 342 of Saint Google! And then only at 3 am!”

You sit there, weary head in trembling hands and dream up new definitions for SERP such as Seriously Erroneous Ridiculous Placement.

“What went wrong?
I followed Rabbi Google.
I didn’t use a dictionary from 1857.
My font is almost dripping with magic.
My page load speed is 10 years in the future for all interweb metrics.
And my shiny infographic used AI Fibonacci sequencing for perfect icon placement.”

To be successful in marketing, sales, and online business in general, it is important to understand the significance of message framing.

Message framing is the process of choosing the right words and phrases to deliver a message in a way that will resonate with the audience and result in the desired response.

By understanding how message framing works, you can make small tweaks to your messaging that can have a big impact on your conversion rates. Of course, there is much more to the academics of ‘message framing’, but part of the framework for impact involves the integrations and knowledge of that hip concept called the POWER WORD.

Seriously, friends, ya gotta love the power of words – they are like little micro explosions in all the right places carving out new adventures for your creative content.

This lifestyle blogger went and purchased a blue sheet and is now living the life after she discovered the magic in power words.

7 Reasons to Use Power Words in 7 Seconds

A power word is a word that will:

  • Evoke Emotion
  • Trigger Curiosity
  • Capture Attention
  • Compel Action
  • Produce Conversions
  • Strengthen Content
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Defeat Zombie Hoards

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect headline or title for your latest blog post, try incorporating some of these simple power words into your writing:

  • Love
  • Truth
  • Freedom
  • Hope
  • Courage
  • Delightful
  • Encourage
  • Inspired
  • Genuine

Remember, the whole objective of writing is to communicate in such a way that is persuasive and effective. Hooking a reader’s attention comes with thorough research and careful word choice.

Your content cannot always read like a piece of AI-generated text that Jasper spat out in 0.05 nanoseconds.

What do you think of AI-Writers? Is it the death of art and authors? Or are they just super clever assistants helping you produce amazing content? Discover more on:

As a caveat, I appreciate AI content writers, and if I had a few more gold coins in my dwarven treasure chest, I would buy the Jasper AI wonder machine.

A Jolly Good AI Content Writer

A small digression: I ended up purchasing the WordHero AI Content writer, and it is almost as perfect as the good ol’ Jasper Droid, in my opinion.

WordHero can also help make your writing a little more emotionally expressive if you are having a bad-writing-day and the old quill is as dry as a peanut. At least it may help point you in the right direction.

I got the Lifetime subscription package—and if you don’t have to resort to a subscription-based payment model, then that means more blueberry muffins on the weekend!

Wordhero Lifetime pro

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Of course, if you want to peek-a-look at the monthly and yearly subscriptions for WordHero that that may suit your budget more. A detailed review is coming soon on the WordHero AI, but until then, feel free to email me and ask about my experience so far.

On with the show…

Your argument is more persuasive when it’s emotional.

For example, a lot of my posts use exaggeration and humor to spark curiosity and elicit emotion, such as:

How To Start a Blog that Makes $10 Million Dollars per Day (or at least enough that pays for a Vesper and a jaunt around Europe). You realize that no one is yet earning $10 million per day on a blog (or at least you think it can’t be true) and you need a yellow Vespa.

But beware of click-bait headlines that add an element of dishonesty, using enticements that do not accurately reflect the content being delivered.

The thing with the above article is that it also hints at the truth—people can and do, make a lot of money online with just a blog with carefully crafted content.

From President to Janitor—power words help some of the most influential bloggers on earth stay in power.

How to Use Power Words to Boost Conversions

Short story: I used to be a corporate drone. But then I discovered how to write logical arguments with emotional appeal, and now I make six figures as a copywriter.

I wish that was the case, ahh, but give me twenty-six tiny lead soldiers and I will conquer the world anyway. Although these days the soldiers are pixels, rather than the lead type of yesteryear—still, they can sway the masses on Instagram in Turkmenistan and beyond.

Copywriters have long known the power of certain words.

Digital marketers use these words to influence readers and get their audience to take action. Remember, all website visitors are potential customers—now you can use these same power words in your own marketing materials.

See! Magic is easy-peasy.

When used correctly, power words make your writing persuasive and influential. They can even make people take action that they wouldn’t otherwise take.

“Yikes! Sound all a bit deceptive if you ask me. What kind of scam is this?”

Not really!

It is merely framing the art of a single sentence with enough pizzazz to truly communicate what you truly intend. Every author wants people to hate the villain and fall in love with the hero. Whether it’s Apple or your local fruit market, the word choices we make are critical.

So, how can you use power words in your own writing? Here are some tips:

  • Use them sparingly. Power words are most effective when used sparingly. If you use them too often, they will lose their impact. Kinda like eating a thousand eggs for breakfast instead of one delightful gooey googy-egg.
  • Choose the right word for the situation. Not all power words are created equal. Some are better suited for certain situations than others. Choose the word that best fits the situation you’re trying to create. If you’re selling a device that can translate cat meows into English, then talking about rainbows orbiting the moon may not help.
  • Tweak. Poke. Twist. Fiddle. Experiment with power words. Your dramatic performance at the Hyde Park Corner of your Internet audience can have a few dress rehearsals. Listen for rhythm. Listen to pacing. Listen out loud.
  • Avoid the awkward-mumble-bumps. If you’re hanging all of your next year’s income on a single wonky metaphor with a style error the size of Rome, re-work the thing! So what if it has a power word that could sink the Titanic, it is merely a dog-chewed remote control with dead batteries: “I keep pressin’ da magik button, bu-tit nae workin’.”

Different Types of Power Words

Of course, we understand that emotion does not always equal truth, we’ve all experienced the rise of fake news over the last several years, haven’t we? Someone once said that untruth circles the globe 7 times faster than a fact. Well, we don’t want to be untrue…

…but nor does emotion equal untruth.

You’ll do your best persuading when it’s something you truly believe in, and with which your readers connect.

When it comes to using powerful words, emotion is key.

You want those little call-to-action buttons to work, don’t you? Well, here’s how you can make them more effective.

  • Choose a color that contrasts with the rest of your page. This will make the button stand out and be more noticeable.
  • Second, use an eye-catching font that’s easy to read.
  • Third, keep the text short, and to the point, and use a power word to entice your audience.

You want to choose words that will evoke the feeling you’re going for, whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, or something else entirely. For example, if you’re trying to get someone to donate to a charity, using words like “heartbreaking” or “desperate” can be more effective than simply saying “please donate.”

Of course, there are way more than these seven general categorizations of power words, but it is a good place to start:

The Shocking Truth About Spoons

reasons to use power words to grow your brand example


FEAR is a powerful psychological trigger that can prompt someone to take action. Fear power words will grab someone’s attention, and that’s the whole point, isn’t it? So you could include words like:

  • plummet – “The Top Three Reasons You’re Aircraft May Plummet to Earth Next Vacation”
  • catastrophe – “How Your New iPhone Will Cause a Global Catastrophe
  • cripple – “7 Ways Your Pet Poodle Will Cripple Your Ability to Get a Job”
  • crisis – “How to Survive the Current Watermelon Crisis
  • scary – “Scary Socks: Are Occult Forces at Work?”
  • warning – “7 Warning Signs Your Parrot is Possessed”
  • shocking – “The Shocking Truth About Spoons”

Enchanting Scotland: The Mystical Portals of Loch Ness

reasons to use power words to grow your brand example


What about PASSION?

Come on, you’re a genius.

Creative and persuasive storytellers are needed!

Yeah, I know, there are also a lot of people who don’t really care about marketing. They think it’s a boring sock filled with 23 grey pebbles and a twig; they don’t see the point in spending time on it. However, passion power words may cause them to look twice:

  • captivating – “200 Captivating Hair-Styles from Tibet”
  • charming – “7 Charming Colors for your Brompton Bicycle”
  • passionate – “Passionate Plum Pudding Recipes for new Puppies”
  • adorable – “Royalty? An Adorable Hoax for the Adoring Masses?”
  • mouthwatering – “This Mouthwatering Organic Celery Will Boost Your IQ for 365 Days”
  • charm – “How to Charm a Charging Hippopotamus in Under 5 Seconds”
  • enchanting – “Enchanting Scotland: The Mystical Portals of Loch Ness”

Blue Bubblegum is Simply Breathtaking

reasons to use power words to grow your brand example


ENCOURAGEMENT: sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement. Just a few encouragement power words can be the difference between someone making that $199 spatula purchase or leaving your trendy comic shop empty-handed.

  • life-changing – “Why Apple’s Latest Product is Life Changing. No, Really!”
  • stunning – “Newly Discovered Sentient Shrimp Stuns the Nation”
  • mind-blowing – “Mind-blowing Vaccine Inoculates Against Stupidity”
  • power – “You’re Looking at the Golden New Supercar: A Power Utopia on Wheels”
  • fearless – “Hey You! It’s Your Year to be Fearless
  • spectacular – “Yes, the Moon Smells like Spectacular Cheese”
  • breathtaking – “Blue Bubblegum is Simply Breathtaking

Mad Owls Ravage Secluded Township

reasons to use power words to grow your brand example


ANGER can be a very powerful emotion. People sit up. People take notice. People do stupid things. It can also motivate people to take proper action. Anger power words, if used with care, can cause Batman to respond to the Joker in under 33 seconds:

  • annoying – “Electroshock Treatments for Annoying Spiders”
  • brutal – “Brutal Drug Lord Slaughtered in Undercover CIA Operation”
  • rude – “So! Ya Got a Rude Boss? How to Gain a Wage Rise Anyway!”
  • ravage – “Mad Owls Ravage Secluded Township”
  • punish – “The Alien Plan to Punish the World’s Inhabitants by 2045″
  • nasty – “Eeesh. Seriously! What Went Wrong with Nasty Netflix”
  • bully – “How to Stop Bully Politicians Knocking Down Your Door”

We Tested 5000 Bagels: This One Remains Unbeaten

reasons to use power words to grow your brand example


DESIRE is a natural human tendency – but beware, desire can morph into greed and lead you down a slippery slope of unethical and irresponsible marketing practices. You don’t want to be ‘not-awesome’ do you?

Once again use desire power words with care—and maybe all those ‘pure motivations’ of your wonderful readers will move from the dreary yawntastic to the spectacular:

  • luxurious – “24 Luxurious Red Robes for Religious Zealots”
  • money-saving – “12 Money-Saving Ideas for Middle Earth Wizards”
  • fortune – “This Ollivander Wand Will Make you a Small Fortune
  • giveaway – “Don’t Miss our Free Lear Jet Giveaway: So What if it’s Pink”
  • never again – “Never-again Order a Cucumber in Peak Hour”
  • expires – “Sweet Crispy Cream Wonder-smash Expires Tomorrow”
  • unbeaten – “We Tested 5000 Bagels: This One Remains Unbeaten

9 Ways to Get a Lifetime Supply of Strawberry Soap

reasons to use power words to grow your brand example


A SAFETY power word communicates trust and those gooey feelings of peace and tranquillity. No one wants to hold hands with a half-rabid muffin monster or purchase an orbital laser battery that randomly fires a salvo at your squirrel farm every 32 minutes.

Use safety power words to generate trust, promising that the laser battery will fire only when you issue a command:

  • professional – “Distraught Bald Barber Gets a Professional Haircut”
  • risk-free – “Why Our Port-a-Potty is Risk-Free
  • proven – “Proven Tik Tok Strategies to Achieve God-like Status”
  • foolproof – “Foolproof Self Defence Techniques for Endangered Seals”
  • no risk – “No Risk Investments in Stardust, Moonlight, and Faery Magic”
  • worldwide – “How to Survive the Coming Worldwide Oxygen Shortage”
  • lifetime – “9 Ways to Get Lifetime Supply of Strawberry Soap”

The Myth of Magical Hammers—A Ten Minute Tutorial

reasons to use power words to grow your brand example


According to the Great Classification Rabbis of the Internet, our final FORBIDDEN power words wink at that innate desire to do something you were told NOT to do. It taps into the mysterious world of your alter ego as an evil enchantress or John Rambo or King Charles III.

Use forbidden power words to inspire action rather than remaining a dull houseplant for eternity:

  • secret – “The Secret to Interplanetary Travel Now Revealed”
  • banned – “Why This Book is Banned in the USA, UK, China, & Chad”
  • private – “Win a Private, One-on-one session with Galadriel on High Elven Magic”
  • strange – “The 59 Strangest Laws in the Entire Multiverse”
  • hidden – “Angels, Demigods, & Pug Dogs Reveal their Top-10 Hidden Pet Peeves”
  • myth – “The Myth of Magical Hammers—A Ten Minute Tutorial”
  • insane – “12 Insane Power Words Banned Before Time Began”
Charles lost his bottle of potent power words, luckily he found them under the sofa next to the TV remote. A few were missing, he suspects his robot vacuum cleaner is not telling the entire truth.

Where Do I Use Power Words?

Here is the official shortlist of ‘can-use’ places for power words.

Use ’em in Headlines:

You know, those <h1> tag thingamajigs if you are into that. The headline is perhaps the most important thing on the planet to have ever existed, so make sure you hook your reader in unrivaled splendor.

Next, use ’em in Subheads:

Once Queen Victoria clicks on your headline, she will scan the text first to see if it looks worthy of her royal attention. Adding power words to your subheads will not waste her highness’s time and will give her a rock-solid reason to keep you alive.

Okay, definitely use ’em on a landing page:

A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture a visitor’s contact information through a form or other means. Typically, a landing page is used in conjunction with a marketing campaign to increase conversions. If your latest book is ‘How to Tap-Dance Up to the Cliff’s Edge Without Falling Off’ I am sure one or two power words would convince the first visitor to buy a box.

What about email Subject Lines?

Most people on the planet (as well as on other planets) have an overstuffed inbox. Every Pleiaden inbox, has on average, over 2 million emails. So to help stand out from the rest in our galactic confederation, use a power word every so often!

Hey, those Opt-in Boxes are cool:

It’s where you tell a complete stranger on the Internet your most private details, including your email. These could also do with some pepper and spice. Make your incredible offer even more ‘incredibiblier‘.

Author Bio Blocks are as valuable as rare Yukon Gold:

You are professional, so act professionally. Create a little author bio box and stick it to the bottom of your web page. Add a nifty power word—this extra gorgonzola cheese will help authenticate your soul and sway the reader, endearing them with your plans for global domination.

Even the humble Button will suck less with a power word:

Rather than the ultra snoozy-boring ‘Click Here’, what about ‘Invest in Greatness Today’. Our Call-To-Actions continually plead with the human race: “More zest! More zing! More Anything!”

Even Business Names and Blog Names:

They would take a ticket to the moon if they experienced the odd heartbeat of power word pizzazz. Scan Google and look at all the brands that take advantage of this secret sauce in their noodle soup.

Agent 007 likes Bullet Lists:

If you have a product or service, a recipe, or a prototype for the next Orgothulator Rune Matrix. Then use a list and squish a power word inside a few of the items—confidently know that the universe is now conspiring to make you the next big billionaire philanthropist.

There are 2.1 gazillion other places that could use these little sticks of dynamite: YouTube titles, book titles, testimonials, your resume for Starfleet, product descriptions, across your website, Twitter posts, and bio, spray painting street art on a graffiti-less railway station wall, your future tombstone, a poem on top of the Eiffel Tower on a windy afternoon.

I am sure you could think of at least one more.

Your Cheat Sheet of Addicting Power Words

If you want to make your writing more powerful, download this 350+ Power Words Cheat Sheet to take your copywriting and content creation skills halfway to the moon—okay, you may not have all the oxygen you need, but who cares when you are having barrels of marketing fun?

After you’ve downloaded the PDF above, take a squiz at these handy GitHub Opinion Lexicon References.

Each one of these contains lists of opinion and sentiment words. Sentiment lets you glean new insights about your product, service, or brand to understand customer experience better and prioritize action. There are 1000s of them, so bring a few jelly sandwiches and a mug of hot tea.

2000+ Positive Words Opinion Lexicon

4000+ Negative Words Opinion Lexicon

So What Did You Discover about Power Words?

Hooray, you scrolled to the bottom of this post and survived the mauling of the cave bears along the way. I salute you and trust you now have a tiny bit more insight into how to:

  • Trigger reactions that will save the dolphins, the deep sea aardvarks, and ol’ Mrs. Tims from 12 Dobson Street. The urgency of an emotional response can work in your favor.
  • Capture people’s emotions with delight and wonder at the universe now unfolding before them.
  • Connect with others using words in the most authentic and charitable way possible on this side of eternity.
  • Delight in your copy being read, rather than being bombed into obscurity to die of liturgical boredom in a rusty bathtub.
  • Convince others of your message. You have a few more tools to unleash your own brand of awesome into the world. You’ll be the next literary love-child of William Wordsworth and Jane Austen.
  • Be slightly edgier than before. Imagine that! Your eyes are going all boggly with tears now, aren’t they? I knew you could do it!

And if you’re feeling overcome by generosity and want to help the universe align on the side of intergalactic peace and harmony, you could buy me a coffee at www.buymeacoffee.com/moonpixel. Your support would greatly help in keeping me motivated and writing articles that you love.

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