Must have Geek Gifts
Must have Geek Gifts

7 Must-Have Geek Gifts for the Creative in Your Life

One of the Immutable Laws of Geekhood that define all intellectual pursuits for the next two decades is directly related to how many LEGO Minifigures, D&D dice, or Star Wars toys you have mounted on top of your 4K ultrawide.

Last Updated: March, 2023

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After searching 12 black holes, hyperspace trade routes, and the near-earth cluster of Half Nonsense—I’ve handpicked seven must-have geek gifts for the creative in your life. And with Christmas 2023 still some time away—ya got time! But it will be approaching faster than Han Solo’s 20-parsec Kessel Run soon enough, so why not nab a few of these smuggler-like glitter spices? Gifts for nerdy guys? Got em. Gifts for geeky girls? Check.

“An elegant weapon for a more civilized age; and an aspiring gift for a more discerning geek.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi

Collectable Star Wars Helmets

The ancient Jedi scroll known as the Legohgon contained dozens of small prismatic brick blueprints that required primeval Force manipulation.

These are among the first things visualized by a Jedi apprentice.

Must-have geek gift number one has to be these classic Lego models of Luke Skywalker’s (Red Five) Helmet and the iconic Sith Lord’s Helm of Darth Vader (cue: thuuuth ** pause ** thuuuth gasping sounds).

This 675-piece Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet will fit a small hamster, giving the creature an immediate boost to its Jedi affinity.

Luke’s helm is the first-ever hero helmet crafted by LEGO for their Star Wars helmets collection. They also make a Bobba Fett, Mandalorian, and Scout Trooper helmets.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away—the ancient Jedi scroll known as the Legohgon contained dozens of small prismatic brick blueprints that required primeval Force manipulation.

Luke Brickwalker

So why should I build my Geek Collection with these?

  • This set is a great build with some brilliant building techniques. You only need to use the Force once or twice in assembly, and these are clearly highlighted in the instructions with a small Jedi insignia .
  • If you purchase the legendary bounty hunter The Mandalorian, you will initiate into one of your most critical roles in galactic history. Be prepared for a knock on your front door in the wee hours of the morning by a shadow-caped Crusader from the planet of Mandalore.
  • Synthetic-speech artists adore the Darth Vader Helm; they like to use proprietary A.I. algorithms and infuse the plastic Lego parts with the most shocking twists of dark Force energy they can muster.
“Why fight when you can negotiate?” – Captain Jack Sparrow

The Black Pearl: Advanced Metal Craft

No glue is needed—only a small pouch of gunpowder, a sharp razor-cutlass to vanquish skeletal foes, and a bottle of rum from 1823 called the Thunderclap Bomb.

Oh, some Clipper and Needle Nose Pliers are required for assembly, and they are not included in this package—but that has never stopped a story-telling pirate like you!

Must-have geek gift number two is this Piececool 3D Puzzle. This model kit contains 307 precision cut parts in 4 pre-colored sheets to build a stunning model pirate ship.

“But what a ship is…what the Black Pearl really is…is freedom,” said Jack, “307 precision cut freedom parts I believe.”

Jask Sparrow

The finished model Black Pearl is full of detail including the golden cannons, sails, riggings, and a terrifying skull and crossbones motif!

Now why on earth would you want a metal pirate ship:

  • If you are clever enough, you might be able to sail from Australia to New Zealand in it, but there is no guarantee for your safe arrival—especially during Kraken season.
  • With this must-have geek gift, proudly decorate your office, dungeon, or high-tower castle window with your finished artwork! Dragons actually enjoy metal craft, and placing one near an open window attracts them, and probably more than one if you are lucky.
  • Some have reported, on completion of the craft, that they started speaking fluent 14th-century Spanish, Portuguese, or Dutch—also attracting a flock of rugged sea-faring parrots that like oranges.
The more monitors you own, the better you can memorize the internet. #truestory

Dell’s UltraSharp 27-inch 4K Monitor

Goodness gracious, that was a big jump from Lego helmets to a 4K monitor! Monitors are always one of the best gifts for tech geeks because they are something you stare at forever in a day.

And yeah, the blacks are strong with this one.

“Hmm…well, I gotta have me blacks real black.”

The superior blacks on this premium display make the inside of Darth Vader’s Lego helmet look like a swaying field of wild black daffodils on a dark winter’s night.

And the color? The contrast delivers everything in pristine wow color, much like the ‘wow’ uttered when milk bottles were first invented.

Must-have geek gift number three is the monitor the entire world is raving about at the moment. Dell now stands for Delightfully Elegant, Lucious & Luminous. Well done, Dell!

Exceptional contrast. Incredible colour. Superior black performance. And it comes with a free power cord! Dell U2723QE 4K UltraSharp. Is this the ultimate productivity display? Click to Tweet

I am about to buy two of these to replace my LG 36″ Ultra-wide and connect them to my Apple Mac Studio. As a designer-creative wizard, it is time to go all 4K spectacular.

U2723QE UltraSharp 4K FAQs

World’s Most Difficult QuestionsWorld’s Wisest Answers
How big is the screen?27 inches (23km if you are a nanite)
What is the display resolution?3840 x 2160 pixels
Will the stand support both Portrait and Landscape modes?Yes, you can tilt the monitor to support both Portrait and Landscape modes. (Sadly, it cannot float above the roof of your apartment at a 45-degree angle.)
Does it support Thunderbolt to the Macbook for daisy chain?Yes, this monitor supports daisy chaining of an additional 4K monitor at full resolution via USB-C
Can this mount on a VESA mount? And if so, what size?It works with a standard 100mm x 100mm VESA mount.
How many colors are supported?1.07 billion colors (C3PO counted them all and gave them all interesting names).
What is the USB Power Delivery?90 watts – enough to keep your notebook charged, along with one small maintenance droid.
Can I connect it to the Millenium Falcon flight AI console?With the help of the R7MF-Droid “Monkey”, you should be up and running in about 43 seconds.

What Others Have Said About this Monitor

  • “If you’re looking for a lot of connections, larger screen real estate, and a decent brightness of 400 cd/m² Brightness, GO FOR IT!”
  • “The connectivity is great for Macbook.”
  • “Excellent text rendering, important for writing code for long hours.”
  • “It’s a highly color-accurate monitor; great for most design/creative work.”
  • “Really great experience.”
  • “It’s a productivity monitor, and it excels at it!”
  • “Shh, secret: I believe Lando Calrissian ‘acquired’ a small shipment to be distributed across Cloud City.”

“But still, aren’t they a little pricey, Steve?”

Yes, and then no—I think you get what you pay for—ask any Wookie.

If you need to move from a good monitor to a great one then take a look at this one.

The U2723QE has excellent hub connectivity (there are enough ports for 32 Tie-fighters) and better visual performance all around (“that is no moon, it’s the Dell U2723QE”).

Top three wonders facts about this Dell 4K Powerhouse:

  • The IPS Black technology deepens black levels so deep that the existential abyss is starting to get worried if it has a future.
  • Its 4K resolution with sharp high-pixel density will make it a favorite among creative pros such as photographers, filmmakers, and the sentient walrus clans of Arctictica Prime!
  • The number of ports on the beast is almost illegal. And, in fact, in some star systems, it is illegal and could get your earlobes tugged furiously for 30 days by extraordinarily fussy Gnarls of Fingerton Alpha.
Beware of Goose, she can turn into a Flerken.

Marvel Encyclopedia New Edition

Everything from Abomination to Zzzax, and back again.

This is the essential reference guide to the Marvel Universe and needs to be on every book lover’s geek shelf—you know, the ones with fairy lights and amazing tales just waiting to burst forth.

The hardback edition contains a whopping 447 pages absolutely crammed with information that will cause that little bubble of happiness to well up from deep within—now that is not something to take lightly!

Must-have geek gift number four is the definitive guide to the Marvel Comics Universe – now fully updated and expanded. Every Marvel enthusiast cannot be called a Marvel enthusiast without it.

“The book that mankind has been hungering for, a book that is-now and forever-a shining beacon of wonder, a titanic tribute to talent unleashed”

Stan Lee

Author Stephen “Win” Wiacek has worked in all areas of the comics industry for over 30 years, as a writer, artist, editor, and designer. While running his own art and design consultancy, he taught and lectured on comics creation and production, and worked as a journalist and consultant for television and film. From 1997-2007, he was chairman of the UK professional industry body, the Comics Creators Guild.

So what are the top four reasons to own this book:

  • With in-depth profiles of hundreds of characters, you will win the next Comic Quiz Marathon in the blink of an eye. That means you will take home the coveted Golden Gauntlet of Marvel Might.
  • The post-apocalyptic, science-fictional future of planet earth depends on you having this holy-apocryphal text in your possession. To become a Lore-Keeper, and ultimately the champion of The Sacred ‘M’ Text, will require unswaying devotion to its every word.
  • Secret Wars and Secret Empires lay open to your ever-vigilant eye. Entrusted to your care are the defining moments of Marvel Comic history.
  • The lavishly illustrated format will appeal to both Marvel Comics aficionados and more casual cosplayers alike. It will be like having your own gigantic quivering piece of visual jelly sitting on your bookshelf—so make sure you reinforce the damn wood, use those Asgardian iron bolts for crying out loud, securing it with Thor’s hammer to make it as steady as ever. Even Hela, Odin’s firstborn, would be impressed.

This unique, one-volume encyclopedia contains more than 1,200 of Marvel’s most memorable characters, with details of their powers and thrill-packed careers.

Drink more coffee: do stupid things faster and with more energy.

Mini Espresso Machine

We owned our Mini Espresso machine for several months before COVID hit back in late 2019. We were living in Malaysia at the time—and it has been used nearly every day since and never failed once.

Must-have geek gift number five is the caffeine lifeline, and despite being energized to espresso your dark side, I also get to share one of my favorite Instagram accounts—DeathWish Coffee.

Due to the fact that they also come in the same color scheme as a Stormtrooper or the Emperor’s Royal Guard, I think this is one of those must-have geek gifts.

What I really like about the machine:

  • Takes about 25 seconds (from a cold state) to get the perfect temperature espresso shot. About the same amount of time to fully charge a lightsaber.
  • Super easy to maintain—I have done one or two descaling operations to clean the internal combustion engine of the little machine. On rebel-held worlds, you may have to perform descaling operations more frequently.
  • These devices are needed on those long nights of coding. If you need a brew at 2 am to help debug a JavaScript routine that is hiding a CSS class within a C# algorithm, your new coffee machine may just tell you the answer.
Good coffee should slap you in the face, then hum a gentle lullaby over your shivering soul. And it can, every day, with one of these. Click to Tweet

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A simple and decluttered desk and workspace is the zen point of office space etiquette.

Orbitkey Nest Desk Organizer

Orbitkey produce some stellar products, and this one is no exception. Their craftsmanship is space-age and sleek, with a slight touch of genuine elegance.

You really need this perfectly portable, provocative piece of pure pizzazz from the planet of Orbitkey.

Must-have geek gift number six is perfect for clutter bugs who want to look organized and prosperous, despite the nagging proclivity to have their Orbitkey nest just sit there and look pretty on YouTube videos.

What I really like about the Orbitkey nest:

  • It has room for everything that is usually spread across my desk creating havoc and unbridled mess. Now my Lego Minifigures have a nice cyber pod in which to rest at night. And in the morning, I can tell they’ve had the best sleep ever.
  • The wireless charger in the lid is perfect for keeping all those electro-dependent devices charged. I just wish it had room for my Darth Maul dual lightsaber.
  • I often have no space in my wallet and the Orbitkey Nest frees up considerable real estate—cards, keys, loose change, nuclear launch codes, and my 24-word-secret-phase Bitcoin passwords.
  • There is a clever customizable divider and foam padded interior—great for interstellar voyages and for exiting hyperspace—no longer do my keys puncture the wall of the space cruiser at Mach 4.
I often have no space in my wallet and the Orbitkey Nest frees up considerable real estate—cards, keys, loose change, nuclear launch codes, and my 24-word-secret-phase Bitcoin code! Click to Tweet
Be polite, it scares people. Wear a top hat, it upsets people. Carry a spyglass, it worries people.

Antique Nautical Spyglass

Come on, you’ve always dreamed of owning the ultimate Steampunk-Pirate accessory.

Even if you never use the jolly thing, think of how much better you will sleep at night knowing that your trusty spyglass is within a hand’s reach.

Maybe you’ve downloaded 20,000 movies from the dark web and this is a necessary icon saluting your horrid feats of skullduggery and treachery.

Or, better still, you’re an anti-piracy intern aboard the HMAS Illgetyayet—and due to the excellent optics contained in this replica, it shall be a warning to every pirate out there sailing their little IP address across the turbulent oceans.

Must-have geek gift number seven is what every wanna-be steampunk, pirate, and interstellar smuggler needs.

Or, if you prefer, when you begin that long overdue adventure with your 80-years young grandmother into the deepest Amazonian jungle in search of the Lost Twig of Tezcacoatlix III—this will help spot his Royal Twig from across the intimidating perils of the Amazon River.

Okay, so you have a 5-year-old that wants to be a pirate. He will love you forever when you say (in your best pirate voice ever), “Avast ye laddy, I have somethin’ special for ya wee soul, arr…” Click to Tweet

Why do you need this spyglass? To be a verified pirate, space smuggler, or Steampunk adventurer of course, but there are other reasons as well:

  • I bet you fifteen hundred and fifty-six Spanish doubloons that your nautical spirit will be revived! When you carry this dignified piece of history with you, people will consider you as clever as a sword-fighting catfish.
  • Stick it in your library, your conservatory, or your drawing room. What! You have none of those. Then never fear; carry it with you on the bus to work. People will be envious of your uncanny ability to become Steampunkified within seconds.
  • It is made of shining solid brass. And shining solid brass monocular wonder will hit your retina when you point it at the stars or ships on the horizon. Take it to the beach, use it at the end of a lonely pier, spy on neighbors from your self-made crow’s nest, or inspect the McDonald’s menu from the back of the queue.
  • Okay, so you have a 5-year-old that wants to be a pirate. He will love you forever when you say (in your best pirate voice ever), “Avast ye laddy, I av somethin’ special for ya wee soul, arr—and it ain’t kegs of buried gold or pieces of eight—tis somethin’ better.” You grit your teeth, wink, and hand him a wrapped gift. He looks at you with enormous expectant eyes, thinking you are the best pirate parent ever.

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